Nelson Vilela, our special FX Make Up Artist, shares some words with us

Where do I start off my name is Nelson Vilela a sfx Makeup artist from Elizabeth nj I’m 34 married and father of three I work as a boiler operator here in Elizabeth nj but when I’m not working on boilers theirs a different side of me I’ll start off by the beginning about 12 years ago in 2006 me and my wife decided to do our makeup for a Halloween party so we decided to create zombies we actually won the costume contest that day so my wife told me your pretty good at this so I ended up growing a passion for this craft this art called special effects I was only doing makeup on friends and family around the Halloween season then i worked at a haunted hayride where I met a great guy and actor named mark. Mark is the person that put me onto the scene of sfx Makeup in films me and mark worked on a film called pretty fine things and that was the first time I’ve ever worked on a film set doing gunshot squibs ,burns,cuts ,and lots of blood from their on what I figured would be a hobby ended up turning into a passion a love for this art of sfx Makeup. A little more about my career in Makeup I’m a self taught sfx makeup artist I’ve done some workshops in the basics in Makeup effects I’ve worked on numerous amount of Independent films i have an IMDb that can be seen I’ve been featured on Fox News worked with the show hellevator for a celebrity Party worked with a company named Bxc as and assistant instructor for workshop classes My Makeup has been featured in jersey fashionista magazine their is so much more my work can be seen on my ig at nvfx and My Facebook nelson Vilela website is in the works and will be starting my own workshops and demo classes in April I’ve learned how to do blood lines and compressed air squibs that’s my favorite that’s just a little about me thanks

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